Recover Data from External Hard Drive on Mac

Ahh!!! Your Seagate 1 TB external hard disk stopped working and not getting detected on your Mac Mini Laptop. You have checked the cable which is working fine and have even tried in some other laptops but no use. There are no clicking sounds and the light is still on. All the data stored in it are too precious and confidential and you are unable to understand how to retrieve them back. You must be screwed up in such data loss scenario!!

Stop being screwed up!!! Do not attempt anything stupid out of frustration. If you are not getting any clicking noise from the external hard disk, then it might be logically damaged. The possible reasons may be overheating or frequent power surges. In such situation you can try out renowned recovery application like Mac external hard disk recovery tool. You can successfully execute Mac file recovery on external HDD using this software. However, for complete recovery you need to make sure that the external hard drive data should not be overwritten. For this you will have to keep it unused unless you execute a complete recovery.

However, there are some other scenarios which are responsible for external hard drive data loss on Mac OS. You need to be familiar with them so as to avoid their occurrence in the future.

Improper device handling: Data from external hard disk on Mac are mainly lost due to improper device handling. Improperly removing the external HDD from the Mac computer when any of its files are being used can affect the file system of the external hard drive. AS a result of this the external hard disk may become corrupt leading to severe data loss.

Sudden power failure: If there is an accidental system shut down due to sudden power failure when the external hard disk is connected to the Mac computer, then file in use are inversely affected. As a result the file system of the connected external hard drive gets affected after which it may not be recognized by the Mac operating system.

Computer Virus: The external hard disk can be totally inaccessible due to computer virus. Using the same external drive in different computers can infect it with malicious objects like virus. Virus multiplies itself within the external hard disk and sometimes even affects essential component of its file system which ultimately results in inaccessibility of important data.

Due to Third Party Software: Sometimes, important files off the external HDD may get deleted due to interference of third party software like Antivirus software. Third party utility like Antivirus checker may interfere with the read/write process of the external hard disk resulting in data loss.

Other than the above scenario, there are some other causes of data loss from external hard disk on Mac like accidental formatting or deleting important files from the external hard drive unintentionally. In all the above cases, you will have to use external hard drive recovery if you do not have proper data backup.

The exclusive features of this software include recover of files from external hard drive on Mac deleted/lost due to any of the above scenarios. Apart from external hard drive, you can also recover Mac hard drive data using this software. Files from Macintosh hard disk can be lost after formatting/reformatting it without taking proper data backup. This software will be much useful in such scenarios. It supports various Mac models like MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini and many more. Therefore, you can easily execute MacBook file recovery using this software. Files on MacBook can be lost after blue screen error or HFS+ partition error for which this software will be much helpful.

Flash drive is a small portable storage device that can be used for exchanging files between different systems.Your files may go missing from flash drive due to many reasons like format error, virus attack, power surge, defragmentation failure, etc. But you can easily get back all files from it using the recovery tool. Go to to get more info about the recovery process.

As said earlier, data on Mac OS X can be lost due to absence of data backup during drive formatting. A drive on Mac OS may be formatted to remove harmful viruses, to install operating system or during format error. If you have lost important files of the drive formatted after any of the above reason, you can use this utility to execute Mac formatted HDD recovery. For your satisfaction, you can even check the recovery results by using the demo version of this software.

The necessary steps to use the demo version of this software to restore external hard disk files on Mac OS X are:

Step-1:Download and Install the demo version of external hard drive recovery tool on the hard disk of your Mac computer after connecting the external hard disk to it. After launching the software, select “Recover Volumes / Drives” option from the main screen. Click on “Volume Recovery” after that to retrieve data from the external HDD.

Best Mac Data Recovery - Welcome Screen

Stpe-2:Then you will get a list of available logical drives where you can even see the connected external hard disk. Select it as the drive which is to be recovered and click on “Next” to start the recovery process. After the recovery process gets over, check the recovered data from it in order to evaluate the performance of the software.

Best Mac Data Recovery - View Recovered Mac data

To avoid losing data from the external hard disk on Mac OS in the future, try to handle the device very carefully. Do not remove it abruptly from the Mac computer. Try to remove it manually by using “Safely Remove Hardware” option so that its file system will remain unaffected. Use a surge protector in your computer to avoid storage device corruption due to sudden power failure.

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