Recover Formatted Drive Mac

OMG!!! Did you just do that? Out of utter madness you formatted your 2TB external drive on you Mac computer by assuming it as system logical drive!!! You have been using that external hard disk to store backup of your important data and you finally lost all of them. Now you just cannot afford losing those precious files because of you sheer stupidity. You need all those backup data along with the folder structure. But is it possible? If yes, then how??

Yes, it is absolutely possible!!! The backup files in the external hard disk will remain as usual even after formatting. The only difference between now and then is, you are not able to access them now. This is because; accesses to the external HDD contents are removed from the file system directory and the space is declared as available for reuse. The files will be at their original place as long as some new files occupy and overwrite them. So it is really necessary for you to find a suitable recovery tool to retrieve data from formatted Mac drive. However, you are suggesting you the best Mac recovery tool to execute data recovery for Mac OS X after formatting. You can not only retrieve all the formatted drive data, but also restore them along with the original folder structure.

Before learning more about the suggested software and its usage, you should know some scenarios under which the Mac drive has to be formatted. Improper data backup in such cases leads to sever data loss on Mac OS. However using Mac data recovery software you can easily come out of situations.

To make the drive virus free: Viruses are the infectious entities that badly affect the storage devices. Once a storage device is infected with Virus means, it can become entirely inaccessible to the user. The viruses multiply themselves in the infected drive and sometimes cause serious damage to its file system. In such scenarios you will have to format the drive affected with virus to make it reusable. In sufficient data backup in such cases leads to data loss.

During multi OS installation: You will have to format volume/partition while installing more than one operating system in a single hard drive. In such scenarios, selecting wrong volume to format can make you lose your important drive data.

Format Error: While using external drives in your Mac system, you may come across an error message saying “The disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now?” This type of error message is called as format error. The error message indicates that the file system of the storage device is not recognized by the Mac operating system. If you select “No” in such case, then you will not be allowed to access the external drive. If you select “Yes”, then the drive will be formatted leading to serious data loss issue.

Other than above data loss scenarios, the drive can be formatted accidentally by the user. You may unintentionally format any externally connected drive like USB drive, pen drive, secondary hard drive etc. on Mac OS X. In all the data loss cases, you can easily restore formatted Mac drive using Mac data recovery tool.

This software is designed with powerful scanning algorithms that help you to relocate and retrieve data from formatted drive. It has advanced volume scanning engine to restore files from formatted Mac volumes. The software also helps you to recover data from external hard drive on Mac OS X, 10.5 x and higher versions. This software can successfully retrieve files from HFS+, HFSX formatted Mac volumes. Data on Mac OS can also be lost due to hard drive formatting. You might have formatted the Mac hard disk either to get rid of virus or when its file system becomes RAW. If you do not have proper data backup in such case, then you will lose the entire hard disk data. However, using this software you can successfully execute Mac HDD data recovery to retrieve hard disk data.

Other than hard drive and external drives Mac data recovery software also supports data recovery on flash memory cards, memory sticks, USB drives, FireWire drives etc. It also supports data recovery on various popular models of Macintosh computers. For e.g. this software allows you to recover data from MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and many more. You can always preview and evaluate the recovery result by using the demo version of this software.

Now the steps which are needed to retrieve files from formatted drive on Mac OS X are:

Step 1: Download and install demo version of Mac Data Recovery Software in a healthy hard drive and connect the formatted drive to it. After launching the software, you will get a welcome screen with 3 different options. Select “Recover Volumes / Drives” option from it. Click on “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” after that to restore data from the formatted drive.

Best Mac Data Recovery - Welcome Screen

Step 2: Select the formatted drive as the physical drive from which the files are to be retrieved and click on “Next” to start the recovery process. Once the recovery process gets over, you will get a detailed list of the recover data from the formatted Mac drive.

Best Mac Data Recovery - View Recovered Mac data

To avoid data loss due to format in the future, properly backup your important drive data. Install powerful antivirus programs in your computer and update it on regular intervals to avoid virus infection. Make sure that you have taken proper backup before formatting any storage device on Mac OS.

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