Mac HDD Data Recovery

You ended up in deleting your Mac HDD while installing Boot Camp. This disaster must have left you completely stunned. You must be feeling puzzled too, as you have never come across such scenarios before. You must be struggling to find a way out as you have not taken a backup of the important files and folders the hard drive was containing. An instant loss of your precious Mac hard disk data has been bothering you since then.

Don’t be puzzled!!! The deleted Mac hard disk can be recovered easily. If you plan to retrieve the Mac HDD files back, then first of all do not touch the hard drive. The hard disk files are still there, and have been marked as free space as you have deleted them during Boot Camp installation. If you keep using the hard disk, then there are chances that the deleted data may get written over and being irrecoverable. You can also recover deleted files from Mac OS fomatted with HFSX & HFS+ file systems.

There are quite a few good recovery applications available for Mac OS X and Mac hard disk recovery software is considered as the best of them. You either run this application from a bootable CD or install it on another healthy Mac drive if you have and just connect the affected hard disk to it during recovery process to recover Mac data. This software does not affect the original content of the deleted data during recovery procedure as it is a read only data recovery application.

Excluding accidental deletion there are some other scenarios that cause serious data loss on Mac OS X. Some common scenarios are explained below so that you could be able avoid their possibility in the future.

Hard disk fails to mount: Sometimes, the Mac hard drive fails to mount at the time of booting. The reason behind such behavior may be file system corruption, hardware failure, software corruption or bad sector on the hard drive. The entire Mac HDD data becomes inaccessible to mounting failure due which you lose valuable data from the hard drive.

System shut down infrequently: If the system shut down abruptly after a power failure, then all the hard disk data being used at that time gets affected severely. When the Mac computer is abruptly turned off all the settings is not saved properly which may confuse the Mac OS next time while logging into it. As a result there occurs a disorder in the file system due to which it may become RAW sometime leading to severe data loss.

Drive formatted accidentally: Accidentally formatting the hard disk without taking sufficient data backup also leads to serious data loss issue on Mac OS. The hard drive can be formatted in order to change the existing file system, to get rid of harmful viruses or when its file system gets corrupted. In all the above cases, lack of proper data backup leads to severe data loss.

MFT corruption: If the Master File Table of your Mac HDD is corrupted or damaged due to any reason, then the entire hard disk data becomes inaccessible. You cannot be able to access a single file from your Mac hard drive. However, you can try to solve this problem by using Chkdsk. If it fails to repair, then you will have to use Mac hard disk recovery tool in such case.

Data lost from Mac hard disk drive due to any of the above reasons can be easily sorted out using Mac hard disk recovery tool. This tool is specially designed with powerful scanning algorithm that will help you to recover Mac hard drive data lost even due to complex data loss scenario. If you have lost hard drive data after format, then you can use this software to recover data from formatted hard drive on Mac OS X, 10.5 x and higher versions. This software supports data recovery on various popular models introduced by Apple Inc like MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac and many more. Data from MacBook can be lost after accidental deletion, formatting or Mac Error code 0. In such scenarios, you can take help of this software to restore files lost from MacBook.

ke memory cards, external USB drives, FireWire drives, iPods etc. Data from external hard disk on Mac are mainly lost due to file system corruption which occurs due to improper device handling. In such circumstances Mac hard drive recovery tool helps you to restore external hard drive on Mac. If you want to check the effectiveness of this software, then you can use its demo version and can preview the recovery results before actual restoration.

The few steps which are required to retrieve hard disk data on Mac OS X are:

Step-1:Download and Install the demo version of Mac hard drive recovery utility on a healthy hard disk after connecting the affected hard drive as a slave to it. After launching the software, select “Recover Volumes / Drives” option from the welcome window. Then, select any of the two options from the next screen to restore hard disk data on Mac.

Best Mac Data Recovery - Welcome Screen

Stpe-2: Then you will get a populated list of available drives where you can even see the connected hard disk drive. Select it as the physical drive and click on “Next” to start the recovery process. After the data recovery process is completed, check and evaluate the recovered hard drive data.

Best Mac Data Recovery - View Recovered Mac data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7) and
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