Recover Data from MacBook

MacBook a brand of Macintosh notebook computer is quite popular because of its exclusive and advantageous functionalities. Its aesthetic design, built in insight camera, magnetic power card has attracted many Mac users. Despite of all these features, MacBook is not completely immune to data loss scenarios. Therefore losing data on MacBook is not strange.

You Mom’s MacBook Air crashed without any warning!!! She had about 4 years pictures stored in it. As she does not know much about computer data recovery, you are trying to help out your Mom. Every time you are trying to boot it you can’t go anywhere from there as the function keys won’t respond. You have been spending countless days trying to figure out whether the data is permanently lost but no avail!!! It seems as if you have wasted all your valuable time.

Don’t be frustrated!!! You have not wasted you precious time. At the end of the day you have come across the perfect website which will facilitate you with all the details you have so far searched for. Yes, you can absolutely recover the valuable pictures from the crashed MacBook hard drive only if the photos are overwritten. If you have kept the hard disk unused so far, then you can completely retrieve the lost data from it. For all these things you will just have to use reliable software to recover Mac files from MacBook hard drive. The software which we recommend is repeatedly tested and reviewed by most of Industry Experts and ensures 100% safe data recovery procedure. So there is no fear of losing your MacBook data.

However, you must be interested in knowing about the main cause of hard drive crash. The MacBook might have crashed due to either physical of logical failure. If the damage is physical, then you need to send it to data recovery lab for hard disk recovery. But you can use Macintosh data recovery tool if it’s a logical failure like operating system crash, hardware or software incompatibility etc. Moreover, you need to be familiar with some other data loss scenarios on MacBook so that you can possible avoid their occurrence in near future. Some common data loss scenarios on MacBook are as follows:

Blue Screen problem: Sometimes, your MacBook computer screen may turn blue at start up and become unresponsive. As a result you will be unable to log into your system and ultimately will lose access to your important MacBook data. The reason behind such behavior may be damaged Mac OS X font file, operating system malfunction, incompatible third party boot items or damaged hard drive structure.

Mac Error code 0: The occurrence of this error on MacBook system restricts you from accessing any of the stored MacBook files. You cannot copy any file from your MacBook hard disk which turns out really frustrating. The root cause of such error can be incompatible file system of external hard disk, corrupted hard drive or the external hard disk is formatted using FAT32 file system.

HFS+ Partition Error: Sometimes, you may get an error message saying “HFS+ partition error” while trying to boot your Mac OS X and access HFS+ file system. You will not be able access any of the files from that HFS+ partition after getting that error message. This type of error occurs mainly due to hard drive errors or incorrect partitioning scheme. You can even face difficulty to boot up your MacBook if the corrupted volume is a startup volume.

You will have to make use of Mac data recovery utility in the above cases, to retrieve lost MacBook data. Other than above scenario, this software also helps you to recover accidentally deleted or formatted data on MacBook computer. You can use this tool to restore files from HFS volume on Mac deleted by using Command + delete keys and after accidentally empting the Trash. Its special scanning engine scans the entire hard disk to find and restore data lost from it. It allows you to recover Mac hard drive data by executing Mac HDD data recovery. This software can restore deleted/lost files from storage devices like hard drive, external drive, memory cards, FireWire drives on Mac OS X, 10.5 x and higher versions. You can also get back missing files from flash drive of different brands. Check out the site to know the process of recovery of files from flash drive of various brands such as Transcend, SanDisk, HP, Kingston, Sony, etc. This tool can also perform Mountain Lion recovery after catalog file corruption and journal file corruption. Files from external hard disk can be lost due to format error, virus attack or improper device handling. If you do not have valid data backup in these cases, then you will end up in losing valuable data from the external hard drive. However, using Mac data recovery software, you can easily recover data from external hard drive on Mac OS.

Formatting can be the other reason for data loss on MacBook computers. If you have formatted any drive on Mac accidentally or without taking proper data backup, then you will lose data from that drive. In such situation, you can make use of this software to recover formatted drive Mac.

The steps to restore data from crashed MacBook are described in details below:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of MacBook data recovery tool on a healthy hard disk after connecting the crashed hard disk as a slave to it. After launching the application, select “Recover Partitions / Drives” from the welcome screen and “Volume Recovery” option after that to restore data from crashed MacBook


Best Mac Data Recovery - Welcome Screen

Stpe-2:Now, select the connected drive as the physical drive from which data should be restored and click on “Next” option to proceed. Once the hard disk process is over you can preview the recovered MacBook data as well as evaluate the recovery result.

Best Mac Data Recovery - View Recovered Mac data

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