Mountain Lion Recovery Software

OS X Mountain Lion is the ninth update on the row of Macintosh released versions. Of all the preceding releases of Macintosh operating system, this version is designed well with added superior features like Mission Control, Launchpad that provides direct access to the applications on your system, File Vault security feature which enhances the security of your Mac Mountain Loin system. The new feature called Airdrop is developed which simplifies the process of cable less copying files from one Mac system to other. Once such advanced versions of Mac OS X are released in the market people starts opting for it, seeing its highly developed features. Though with all these features when you start using it, you may definitely face one common problem i.e. data loss. No matter in whichever way you try to avoid them it cannot be stopped. When you face such data loss problems better go for a reliable third party recovery tool. Best Mac data Recovery software can help you out in such situation to perform Mountain Lion recovery.

Common data loss scenarios on OS X Mountain Lion are:

  • Catalog File corruption: You might have come across catalog file on your OS X Mountain Lion computers. This file is a backbone of such systems since all the files stored on your Mac Mountain Lion can be accessed using this file since it stores the information and file pointers of files to be accessed and be used by operating system. This file might get corrupted by various means and as a result any files from the system cannot be accessed by the OS or it may result in file pointers pointing to wrong location and causing malfunctions.
  • Journal File Corruption: Journal files are the most important files on any version Mac operating systems. This file is responsible for keeping a regular record of the actions performed on files when the system is on. If in case a power surge cause an improper shutdown of you OS X Mountain Lion based computer, this Journal files helps in resuming the system to the previous working state which it was before the shutdown occurred. At times some causes may cause journal file corruption and leads to distractions which in turn results to loss of files.
  • External Threats: Though OS X Mountain Lion comes with advanced security features still they have chances of virus infection. Virus infects the files resided on your system and cause either its loss or make them behave abnormally.

With the use of best Mac file recovery tool you can restore data lost from any of the above mentioned scenarios. This Mac recovery utility is best tool suggested by the industrial experts. This software helps to retrieve files deleted from your trash. Other than OS X Mountain Lion this tool supports all latest version of Macintosh operating system like Macintosh Leopard and Macintosh Snow Leopard. This recovery software also helps you to recover external hard drive data on Mac. This tool can also restore images from trash on Mac and supports recovery of all major file types. You can obtain the trial version of this software and verify the recovery result. If you have lost hard drive data after format, then you can use this software to restore files from formatted hard drive on Mac OS X, 10.5 x and higher versions. This application is user friendly as all steps to recover lost files are mentioned clearly with screen shots. User with minimum technical knowledge can also use this application effortlessly. Once you download the full version and run the software, it scans all your volumes and recovers all lost or deleted files from the OS X Mountain Lion computer.

Steps to perform Mountain Lion recovery:

Step-1:Download and Install the demo version of Mac hard drive recovery utility on a healthy hard disk after connecting the affected hard drive as a slave to it. After launching the software, select “Recover Volumes / Drives” option from the welcome window. Then, select any of the two options from the next screen to restore hard disk data on Mac.

Best Mac Data Recovery - Welcome Screen

Stpe-2: Then you will get a populated list of available drives where you can even see the connected hard disk drive. Select it as the physical drive and click on “Next” to start the recovery process. After the data recovery process is completed, check and evaluate the recovered hard drive data.

Best Mac Data Recovery - View Recovered Mac data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7) and
Mountain Lion (10.8) & Mavericks Users